Every Second

How much will you sacrifice to get what you want?

Meg and Tim. Jen and Bill. All they want is a child. No sugar, no alcohol, no dignity. A rollercoaster of IVF, fertility gods and dancing sperm. They’re good people, they deserve this, it’ll happen for them. Right?

A dark comedy about infertility, infidelity and the fallibility of love and friendship.

“When you look closely, it’s actually a magnificent struggle for life. Fragile, vulnerable, a race but also… a ballet…”

You’ve got no idea.

Director: Emma Drysdale

Assistant Director: Lucy Seale

Costume Designer: Gabby Carbon

Set Designer: Riley Tapp

Lighting Designer: Jack Wilkinson

Sound Designer and Technical Operator: Nathan Santamaria

Production Manager: El Boydell

Stage Manager: Reis Low

Production Company: WIT Incorporated

Venue: Bluestone Church Arts Space

Photographer credit – Jack Dixon Gunn

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