Theban Dolls

The god of wine and theatre, Dionysus, has returned to his birthplace with a hedonistic band of glitter-clad disciples, and the King will do anything in his power to stop them.

As this timeless clash of old and new, establishment and subversion, comes to a head, the entire kingdom of Thebes will be caught in the crossfire.

When Ancient Greek Gods collide glam rock and then mulled together with contemporary theatre, the result is an eclectic performance that has you rocking in your seat and craving more.

Lyrics by Saro Lusty-Cavallari. Original music by The Liars Of Orpheus – Elijah Bradbury (Drums), Imogen Cygler (Keys), Samuel Kreusler (Guitar) and Jaspar Robinson (Bass).

Excerpt from ‘Theban Dolls’. Recorded live on October 25, 2019
Excerpt from ‘Purple Priest’. Recorded live on October 24, 2019
‘Excerpt from ‘Fire’. Recorded live on October 26, 2019
‘Excerpt from ‘A New Sensation’. Recorded live on October 26, 2019

Written and directed by Sara Lusty-Cavallari

Assistant Director: Caitlin Overton

Set and Costume Designer: Carmody Nicol

Lighting Designer: Lachlan McLean

Audio Engineer: Nathan Santamaria

Photographer credit: Vivien Smith

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