The Odyssey Project

Journey – A Sound Design Odyssey by Nathan Santamaria

What is a journey? It is described as a series of events and experiences over a passage of time, which has a beginning and an end, with an overall objective and purpose in mind.

At the core of Homer’s Odyssey, there is an overwhelming idea of journey. the entire poem is about Odysseus’ journey back home and the perils the he faces.

Through a short retelling of Odysseus’ journey home, this binaural sound design (originally developed as a Quadraphonic Surround System), will take you through the travels, the perils and the joy of the experience. The binaural design allows the listener to be enveloped in the sound for a truly unique experience.

As the sound moves around you, feel yourself fall into the story and feel the emotion that Odysseus felt. Hear the sounds that Odysseus heard. Experience the uncertainty that Odysseus experienced.

So which way is forward? Only the Gods know, so start your journey and find out.

A Sound Design Odyssey – Full duration 4:04 minutes
Sound Design and Composition by Nathan Santamaria
Original Lighting Design by Nathan Santamaria
Excerpt 1 from A Sound Design Odyssey
Excerpt 2 of A Sound Design Odyssey
Excerpt 3 of A Sound Design Odyssey

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