Sound Design

A good sound design paints the sonic landscape for a production. With experience in theatre, music theatre and film and television, SAVi Studios is ready to bring the sonic world of your production to life.

From design consultation and content creation to QLab programming, we can provide the knowledge and experience to design your show and assist in fulfilling your productions creative vision.

The Sound Of Movement – 2018
Designed and Programmed by Nathan Santamaria
This installation uses the audience’s movements to trigger different piano notes and colours depending on the location of the movement.
Programmed using Max 7, QLab 4 and ETC EOS
F###ING A – Composition Part 1
F###ING A – Composition Part 2
F###ING A – Tension Part 1
F###ING A – Tension Part 2
On The Town – New York Subway
On The Town – New York Navy Docks (Morning)
On The Town – Dinosaur Collapsing
Guys And Dolls – Sewers
Boom and Rumble

More examples of sound design can be found under the EVENTS menu

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