F***ING A by Suzan-Lori Parks is a dangerous and should wrenching epic theatre with songs. The survival of black womanhood sits at the centre of Parks’ dystopia world.

The work pivots on Hester, a woman who fights for a reunion with her son in impossible circumstances. Not quite at the bottom of the food chain, she is marked with the letter A for abortionist. F***ING A subverts the morality tail combining it with Greek tragedy to deliver a spearing, urgent message… “Freedom ain’t free!”

Original music and lyrics by Suzan-Lori Parks

Music and Sound Design for the Victorian College of the Arts’ 2019 production by Nathan Santamaria

Excerpt from ‘Gilded Cage’ performed by Tamara Bailey
‘My Little Army’ performed by Lachlan Clarke
‘Hard Times’ performed by Ayesha Harris-Westman, Jessa Kocic and Abdul Muhaimin
‘A Meat Man Is A Good Man To Marry’ performed by Indey Salvestro

Director: Candy Bowers

Set Designer: Bianca Pardo

Costume Designer: Dinda Gardner

Lighting Designer: Harrie Hogan

Vision Designer: Lachlan Wolters

Sound Designer and Composer: Nathan Santamaria

Sound Design Notes:
FOH: dB Technologies DXV D15 (LCR configuration)
Console: DiGiCo SD8-24 and MGB Interface

Photographer credit – Drew Echberg

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