Music Production

At SAVi Studios, we cater for all kinds of music projects. Whether you are looking to record a single, EP or a full album, we have the tools available to help you see your music come to life.

From pre-production and producing to recording and mixing, we can help take your music and make them into songs.

At SAVi Studios, we believe the best performance comes from a musician when they are in a comfortable environment. Therefore, when working with SAVi Studios we offer the opportunity to record in your own space and bring the recording studio to you.

Or if you are ready to jump into a studio environment, we can book sessions at various studios around Melbourne. There is a variety of studios available throughout the eastern suburbs, or you can choose to record in our tracking space.

We also cater for recording of live events. So if you are looking to record your live performances, give us a call and we can organise a package for you too.

Manny And Me

Manny And Me is a duo made up of best friends Nathan Santamaria and Emmanuel Cundasamy. It is a collaboration between the two where they feed off of each other’s inspirations, backgrounds and skillsets. The two write the music together and then bring in other musicians and artists to collaborate with and develop songs.

In 2018, Manny and Me released their debut EP By The River, recorded and mixed at SAVi Studios.

Track 1 – One Zafair
Track 2 – Lullaby
Track 3 – Curiosita
Track 4 – By The River

Project II – 2016

Project II is the second project album for 2016. It features a compilation of sourced multitracks from artists of varying genres including pop, alternative rock, electronic, jazz and funk. This compilation album was mixed and produced at SAVi Studios.

Seven excerpts are presented here from the album, which featured 13 songs.

Distance – Regret The Hour
64 Bristol – Wess Meets West
Slapback – Nervbloc
Summertime – Zwiepack
Tip Toe Through The Crypto – Turkuaz
Way Of Life – Lead Inc
The Dice – Lead Inc

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