The end of the world. The beginning of the next. 

The world has changed. There’s no fresh water and machines have taken all the jobs. Attempting to give his life meaning, Bowen signs up for an experimental medical procedure where ‘Heroes’ can be euthanised, donating their bodies’ water back to the community. Anita, his ‘Giving Consultant’, claims to be there just to ease his passage, but as they spar we learn that Anita is doing a lot more than just her job. She dreams of a future where we burn it all down and start again.

“Balodis’ psychologically precise production is a riveting evocation of the text and a testament to the kind of theatrical magic that can occur when the right creatives find each other and nurture each other’s potential.”Theatre People ★★★★★

Director: Bridget Balodis

Performers: Sapidah Kian & Casey Filips

Set and Costume Designer: James Lew

Lighting Designer: Amelia Lever Davidson

Sound Designer: Daniella Esposito

Audio Engineer: Nathan Santamaria

Stage Manager: Reis Low

Production Company: Double Water Sign

Venue: Northcote Town Hall

Photographer credit – Darren Gill

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