Swim Between The Flags

Swim Between The Flags is a formally ambitious work in two parts: a not-so-distant past, where imminent emergencies are ignored, and a possible future where speed, excess and violence have become the new normal. Should we laugh or cry when everything begins to move too fast – too furiously?

The production observes some of the urgent issues of our time with humour, intelligence and imagination.

Part 1

Cast: VCA Company 19

Set Designer: Hahnie Goldfinch

Costume Designer: Jemima Johnston

Lighting Designer: Harrie Hogan

Sound Designer: Gabriel Bethune

Stage Manager: Lowana van Dorssen

Part 2

Cast: VCA Company 19

Set Designer: Dinda Gardner

Costume Designer: Niamh Jolly

Lighting Designer: Ariel Zhang

Sound Designer: PJ Reed

Stage Manager: Zsuzsa Gaynor Mihaly

Technical Manager: Nathan Santamaria

Photographer Credit: Drew Echberg

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